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Bar Academy, Birmingham - March 7th 2008

It’s March 7th 2008 and Télégramme are due to start their set at the Bar Academy in Birmingham. Cry Wolf managed to get a few moments with them after their sound check.

“We’ve never been interviewed before.” They admit.

Good. We can get away with mistakes!

“Do we have to pay?” Chris asks laughing.

Well…maybe just a round of drinks!

The band is a local Indie act and consists of four members: Faye on vocals and bass, Chris on guitar and keyboards, Izzi on guitar and Danny on drums. Chris is actually a student at Wolverhampton University studying Film and Creative Writing.

Danny has, unfortunately, declined to appear on the interview. The rest of the band says that he has left to go and meet someone.

“New love.” Chris hints at.


The Bar Academy is not a huge venue and the gig is sold out tonight so they are expecting a really good crowd. We ask them if they are looking forward to the show, to which there is a rambunctious response of “YEAHS!”

When asked where the band name Télégramme comes from, they said:

“We just went through thousands and thousands of names and finally we said ‘Télégramme’ (with the accents in the e’s and everything)…”

They say they are influenced by The Eraserheads, Portishead, and Garbage etc.

“All my friends had, like, Melinda Messenger posters,” says Chris, “I had Shirley Manson.”

Chris also admits to getting into Beirut, while Faye says she’s into Elliott Smith and Izzi is a big fan of Nick Cave.

Télégramme mainly gig around the Birmingham/Wolverhampton area but they’ve had gigs in places like Rugby, Coventry, Essex, Preston and various other parts of the country. It’s perhaps safe to assume, then, that the band is on the up rise.

Despite the variety of gigs they have played in the past, the band has only really been around for just over 18 months. And in that short time they estimate they have played around 40 gigs.

Confident, Faye claims:

“It’s more than 40.”

That’s quite impressive for a band that’s been going since December 2006.

They’ve even headlined at the Barfly.

So although they haven’t been going for too long they feel as though they are gaining a reputation. Especially around local areas.

“People know the name Télégramme,” says Faye, “well…occasionally.” She smiles.

“Chris and Danny were actually in another band about four years ago.” says Izzi.

But with a lack of Myspace, they say they found it difficult to promote themselves; turning up to gigs and having a maximum of about seven people to play in front of.

“You can generate a big fan base on Myspace.” says Izzi.

Faye says that she met the rest of the band through the Internet as they were starting Télégramme.

“I was in loads and loads of bands.” says Faye. “And then I met these guys.”

Chris says she was the first person to audition and after that they began writing songs together.

The Internet seems to be an integral part of the band’s success then.

“We played a gig in January,” Izzi states, “and it was freezing cold. We were expecting about 30 people to turn up…and 122 turned up to the door that night.”


We ask them who they would most like to play on stage with.

“The Frames!” is the unanimous response.

They are currently looking for record companies to sign them though in the meantime they are due to start recording a demo in Warrington.


Check out their Myspace page at telegramme for more information and free MP3s.



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