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From a patient perspective being a dentist may not seem like a glamorous career choice, but it is often observed as being a position of great skill and training. So how does one train to become a dentist? What options are available for dental education?

There are a range of dental courses available throughout the UK, particularly in London. Many dentists in London would no doubt have had to go through extensive training to earn their positions and a quick search on the Internet reveals that the capital city alone has over eighty courses available.

The length of courses tends to vary depending on whereabouts you attend. For example, the Dental Nursing Level 3 National Certificate (NEBDN) run by West Thames College in Isleworth lasts for 28 weeks. Whereas the Dental and Oral Health Care Sciences PhD run by University College London in Camden stretches out into a full time three year course.

What kind of qualifications do graduates come out with? That depends on which course one opts for. The lengthy four year full time course in Dentistry BDS Hons at Queen Mary provides a Graduate Entry certificate in basic dentistry. Whereas the twelve months Dental Clinical Sciences course (again, in Queen Mary) will earn you a diploma.

The main aspect to consider is just how far into dentistry one would like to go; whether it be dental nursing or gaining a PhD in the hopes of opening a local practice.

It can often be overlooked that being a dentist requires a large amount of education, schooling and effort. But when one considers such delicate dental jobs as a root canal treatment, or tooth extraction, it is perhaps easier to understand just why so much training is required.


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